2023 High School Football Season Previews

By Michael Wojtychiw

The High School Football season is upon us, so we here at the Chicago Public League are taking a look at some of the teams to watch this year and their prospects for the season

**All teams were reached out to for this article, however only teams that responded are displayed below. This will be a running preview list as more teams respond.


School Name: Amundsen

Last year’s Record: 7-3

Social Media Handle: AHSFOOTBALL01

Key Returnees (name, position, year in school): 

Max Michonski, WR/DE, Senior

Kael O’Conor, LB/RB, Senior

Derrick Weems, DT/LT, Junior

Wilian Cano, OL/DE, Senior

Emmett Glasscott, OL, Senior

John Norton, WR/DB, Senior

Nick Prestipino, DE/RB, Senior

Mike Wojtach, DL, Junior

Adrian Zepeda, LB, Junior

Edwin Soto, DB/WR, Junior

Key non-starters returning (name, position, year in school):

Victor Sosa, OL/DL, Junior

Ryan Mcmunn, ATH, Senior

Reggie Mitchell, RB, Soph.

Elmir Gjeka, QB, Junior

Adam Awan, DB/WR, Junior

Key newcomers (name, position, year in school):

Shea O’Conor, DE/ATH, Fr.

Conor Fortier, DE/WR, Junior

School Name: Bulls Prep

Last Season’s Record: 7-3

Social Media Handle: @bullsprepfb (Twitter)

Returning Starters (name, position, year in school, stats):

Jaden Pointer, RB, Senior; 700 rushing yards, 11 TDs

Aaron Watson, ATH, Senior; 10 TFL in 2022

Amarrean McLaurin, RB/LB, Senior

Jermel Mullins, WR/DB, Soph.

Lester Perkins, WR/DB, Senior

Armond Woods, OL/DL, Senior

Terryon Scott, OL/DL, Senior

Joseph Balkom, OL, Junior

Isaiah Carter, OL/DL, Senior

Coach’s Season Outlook: We’re looking to continue the streak of making the state playoffs as we move into the CPL Red.

School Name: Curie

Last year’s Record: 4-5

College commitments: Shawn Brown – William Penn University

Key Returnees (name, position, year in school): 

Zion Ward – QB/DB, Senior

Isaac Rodriguez – OL/DL, Senior

Israel Fabila – OL/DL, Junior

Deshaun Fernandez – WR/DB, Senior

Key newcomers (name, position, year in school):

Antonio Henry – RB/DB, Junior

Mylan Williams – RB/LB, Junior

Matt Martinez – OL/DL, Junior

DJ Wilks – OL/DL, Sophomore

Gilbert Fabela – RB/DB – Junior

Coach’s Season Outlook: Going into my 3rd season as the Head Coach, my first year was very tough going 0-9, but we took a huge step up last year, going 4-5.  One of our main goals this year is break into the ‘winning team” territory and be above .500.  Our next goal is to qualify for the city playoffs, and we truly believe if we can build the family and commitment, that Curie Football can do that, and more.  Our seniors have had a dedicated summer and first 2 weeks of practice and we are excited for game 1!

Did You Know?: Curie is hosting Marmion Academy for Game 2 at Rockne Stadium for a Veterans and Armed Service members honor night.  

School Name: Simeon

Last Year’s Record: 13-1

Key Returnees (name, year in school, position, accolades):

Mike Beeler, Senior, DE/OLB, All-City 

Mar’Sean Cohen, Senior, OLB/RB, 2nd Team All-City

Sean Goodrum, Senior, C/G/NG, 2nd Team All-City

Camren Caldwell, Senior, LB/RB

Christopher Burgess Jr., Junior, DE/OLB

KeShaun Park, Senior, QB/WR/DB

Key Non-Starters Returning (name, year in school, position)

Brandon Easley Jr., Soph., G/LB

Ameer Morrow, Senior, WR/DB

Damarion Harris, Senior, WR/DB

Xzavier McGruder, Soph., WR/DB

Khye J. Brown, Junior, LB/DE

Kaleb Sims, Soph., QB/OLB

Key Newcomers (name, year in school, position):

Te’Shon McGee, Junior, RB/DB

Dewayne Brooks, Senior, WR/RB/DB

Charles Smith, Junior, OLB/DB/WR

Coach’s Season Outlook: IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME. To play our last game on Saturday November 25, 2023 at Hancock Stadium

White Central

School Name:  Golder College Prep

Last year’s Record:  4-5 

Social Media Handle: @BeNobleGolder

Key Returnees (name, position, year in school, accolades): 

Jose Puga, FB/LB, Junior; Wrestling All Noble League 1st Team

Noah Wieland, QB/DB, Junior; Football All Noble League 2nd Team

Eddie Fuentes III, OL/DL, Senior; IHSPLA State Finalist

Jovani Hernandez-Rodriguez, OL/DL, Senior

Jordan Avery, OL/DL, Senior

David Esquivel, OL/DL, Junior

Xavier Montanez, WR/DB, Junior

Alex Martinez, WR/DB, Junior

Damien Rivera, OL/DL, Sophomore

Juan Munive, RB/LB, Junior

Michael Bond, FB/LB, Senior; CPLFCA All Conference; IHSPLA State Finalist

Ne’Jean Dunbar, WR/DB, Senior

Darius Williams FB/LB Sophomore

Anthony Osorio RB/WR/DB Sophomore

Alfonso Valencia RB/DB Junior

John Guartan OL/DL Junior CPLFCA All Conference 

Tyren Singleton RB/LB Junior

Key newcomers (name, position, year in school): 

Andrew Stillwell, WR/DB, Senior

Christian Shelton, WR/DB, Junior

Santiago Hernandez, RB/LB, Senior

Jaeveon Armstrong, WR/DB, Senior

Ernesto Ramirez, FB/LB, Freshman

Sebastian Garcia, OL/DL, Freshman

Isaac Reyes, OL/DL, Freshman

School Name: UIC College Prep

Last year’s Record: 4-5

Key Returnees

Jeremiah Lopez, QB, Senior; All-Conference 2022

Erick Franco, WR/DB, Senior

LaDarius Sanders, WR/DB, Senior; All-Conference 2022

Marshawn Banks, RB/LB, Senior

Jeremy Hackett, OL/DL, Senior; All-Conference 2022

Bryce Townsend, TE/DL, Senior

Davion Dickerson, DL, Junior

Key non-starters returning:

Devin Tyler, WR/DB, Sophomore

Malik Allen, RB/LB, Sophomore

Julian Collins Jr, WR/DB, Sophomore

Key newcomers:

Chris Perez-Torres, WR/DB, Freshman

Diego Segura, OL. Senior

Coach’s Season Outlook:

We have a great group of seniors who helped rebuild the program over the last three years and some outstanding newcomers. We are excited to build on the last two seasons and looking forward to showing off the work we put in.

White Northwest

School Name: Lincoln Park Lions

Last year’s Record: 7-3

Key Returnees (name, year in school, any accolades/stats): 

Cameron Givens, C, Jr.

Evan Bublitz, G, Jr.

Jerrell Benson, WR, Jr. 

Gus Wentland, WR, Sr. 

Elijah Ramos, LB, Sr. 

Adam Benyaich, LB, Sr. 

Will Greve, DE, Sr. 

Kody Tate, DE, Sr.

Logan Schuler, DT, Sr. 

Nathan Nungaray, DB, Sr.

Alex Popov, DB, Sr.

Aidan De La Torre, DB, Sr. 

Key non-starters returning (name, year in school):

Denzel Braimah, WR, Sr.

Quavon Oliver, WR, Sr.

Jimmy Chen, OL, Sr.

Keontae Maddox, LB, Sr.

Key newcomers (name, year in school):

Naasir Sanders, WR/DB, So.

Roidell Sanders, DE, So.

Kamari Jones, RB, So.

Devin Trailer, OL, So.

Andrew Phelps, WR, Jr.

Damon Hodges, DE, Sr.

Ibrahim Tayara, OL, Jr.

Cam Toussaint, QB, Jr.

Coach’s Season Outlook:

Lincoln Park is returning 12 starters from last season and looks to build on last year’s success. The offense returns the top 2 receivers from last season in Jerrell Benson and Gus Wentland. Cameron Givens and Evan Bublitz return as starters on the offensive line as Juniors. Cam Toussaint is the new starting QB and is a dynamic athlete. The defensive returns leading tacklers in Elijah Ramos and Aidan De La Torre. Adam Benyaich, Logan Schuler, Kody Tate and Will Greve return in the front 7. Nathan Nungaray and Alex Popov both return at cornerback.

School Name: Schurz

Last year’s Record: 5-5

Social Media Handle: @schurzathletics

Key Returnees (name, year in school, any accolades/stats): 

Robert Holmes, C/DL, Senior

Brian Carrerra, OL/DL, Senior

Jarvion Murray, RB/DB, Senior

Jose Perez, WR/DE, Senior

Justin Vega, QB/DE, Sophomore

Damarion Jenkins, LB/FB, Junior

Ameir Alexander LB/RB, Junior

Kevin Escoto, OL/DL, Junior

Angel Alvarado, OL/DL, Junior

Alexander Falconer, OL/LB, Sophomore

Jaime Herrera, DL/OL, Senior

Key non-starters returning (name, year in school, accolades/stats):

Edurado Salgado, QB/DB, Senior

Omarion Scott, WR/DB, Sophomore

Hanz Delizo, WR/DB, Senior

Othello Kelly, WR/DB, Junior

Jaqueze Fair, OL/DL, Sophomore

Jeremiah Hymon, OL/DL, Sophomore

Carlos Diaz, RB/DB, Junior

Marc Molex, WR/LB, Junior

Elijah Perez, WR/DB, Junior

Key newcomers (name, year in school):

Tyree Jacob OL/DL, Sophomore

Adan Margil DB, Sophomore

Coach’s Season Outlook:

One thing we know for sure is that there will be a NEW Conference CHAMP this year. And I hope to see SCHURZ in it! Coming off a winning season at 5-5 and making IHSA postseason play, most of our players returning from last season. We are very excited this season 

School Name: Von Steuben 

Last year’s Record: 3-6

Social Media Handle: @VonpanthersFB (Twitter)

Key Returnees (name, year in school): 

Joele Arzuaga, LB/RB, Senior 

Darrell Stewart, LB/RB, Senior 

Mack Martinez, RB, Senior 

Godswill Achinivu, QB, Senior 

Josh Tanksley, OL/DL, Junior 

Fabio Amovin, OL/DL, Senior 

Keith Davis, WR, Senior 

Anthony Hotca, DB, Senior

Saul Rodriguez, LB, Senior 

Jalen Pillow, OL/DL, Junior 

Rex Speyer, OL, Senior 

Key non-starters returning (name, year in school):

Younes Ghrissi, QB, Junior 

Dennis Djirackor, WR/LB, Junior 

David Segura, WR, Junior 

Miguel Ramirez, LB, Senior

Marvin Flores, LB, Junior 

Key newcomers (name, year in school):

Xavier Talavera, RB/DL, Senior 

Coach’s Season Outlook:

After an injury riddled 2022 the program looks to rebound and compete for a conference title. 

White South Central

School Name: Gary Comer College Prep

Last year’s Record: 6-4

Social Media Handle: @gccpfootball on IG

Key Returnees (name, position, year in school):

Jeremy Reeves, WR/S, Senior

Kenneth Barrett, QB, Senior

Steven Williams, WR, Junior

Josh Golden, OL, Senior

Malik Tate, LB, Senior

Malik Flowers, DB/WR, Senior

Tajuan Brassel, CB/WR, Junior

Albert Ross, TE/LB, Senior

Jermaine Ervin, RB/S, Senior

Key newcomers (name, position, year in school):

Jaleel Bryant, RB/LB, Sophomore

Larry Carr, RB/S, Junior

Montrel Robinson, WR/DB, Junior

Coach’s Season Outlook: 7-2. New Head Coach, Staff Seek to Continue Comer Football Tradition

White West

School Name: Walter Payton College Prep

Last year’s Record: 8-3

Social Media Handle: @PaytonPrepFtbl

Key Returnees (name, position, year in school): 

Nathan DeLoach, QB/DB, Sr

Morrison Giggetts, WR/LB, Sr

Isa Katz, K/P, Sr

Nic Koutsonicolis, OL/DL, Sr

Henry Nicewick, WR/WB, Sr

Liam Wills, OL/DL, Sr

Coach’s Season Outlook:  Payton looks to continue to represent the CPL in the IHSA playoffs via a competitive conference schedule. 

Blue Central

School Name: Gage Park Owls

Last year’s Record: 2-7

Social Media Handle: @GageParkFB on Twitter

Key Returnees (name, position, year in school, any accolades/stats): 

Keith Santana***(SR) – QB/WR/FS

Travion Washington** (SR) -LB 

Arturo Sanchez* (JR)- QB/LB

Angel Soto (SR) – OL/DL

Fernando Sanchez (SO) – LB

Eduardo Gonzalez (JR) – TE

Miguel Ornato (JR) – OL/DL

Kevin Porter (SR) – OL/LB

Lashon Washington (JR) – RB/FS

Lashonda Washington (SO) – WR/DB

Xavier Clark (SO) – CB

Azaya Hunter (SO) – WR/DB

*All Conference – CPLCA

​***All City Player – CPLCA

Key newcomers (name, position, year in school):

Kevin Luna (SO) – OL/DL

Oscar Martinez (SO) – OL/DL

Davion Dudley (JR) – OL/DL

Randy Sanchez (FR) – QB/LB

Yeemie Taiwhan (FR) – QB/LB

Christian Ratouloski (SO) – OL/QB

Kenneth Wright (FR) – WR/DB

Tommie Rodriguez (JR) – DL/LB

Reymundo Luna (JR) – OL

Joseph Balderas (FR) – OL

Coach’s Season Outlook:

Gage Park is in the third year of a complete program restoration and rebuild. The Owls are returning two All-Conference and All-City players with quarterback Keith Santana and linebacker Travion Washington. They look to get the Owls back the respected Gage Park teams the school had in the late 2000’s. The Owls will rely on their offensive and defensive lines to battle for wins this season. With the addition of new coaches and a different focus, Coach Norwood and the Owls are aiming high this season. 

Did You Know?: The game versus DuSable is homecoming for the Owls and the coaches know each other very well. Konesha Rhea coached Coach Norwood during his semi-pro football years. Gage Park has females playing for the third consecutive season.  Gage Park has four sets of siblings playing as well as them having cousins on the team as well.  

Blue West

School Name: Prosser

Last Year’s Record: 6-3 (4-1)

Social Media Handle: @Prosser_FB (Twitter)

Key Returnees

Carlos Ramirez-Deida, ATH, S(enior; (2022 Stats: (5 Games): 402 All-Purpose Yards, 6.1 Yards Per Touch)

Tyshaun Strong, DB/WR, Senior; (2022 Stats: 24 Total Tackles, 4 Int, 3 PBU & 1 FR)

Jayden McDonald, DT/FB, Junior; (2022 Stats: 19 Total Tackles, 12 Tackles for Loss, 4 Sacks)

Derrieon Beck, LB/TE, Sophomore; (2022 Stats: 25 Total Tackles, 3 Tackles for Loss, 4 PBU)

Phinis Hiler, ATH, Junior; (2022 Stats: 35 Total Tackles, 3 Int, 11 PBU, 2 FR & 1 TD); All-Conference

Humberto Velazquez, K/ATH, Senior; (2022 Stats: 45 Total Tackles, 1 INT, 1 FF & 1 FR); All-Conference & All-Public League K/P

Key Non-Starters Returning:

Ethan Velazquez, QB, Senior

Tyjuan Gardner, RB/SS, Senior

Govanni Harris, ATH, Sophomore

Treyshaun Strong, RB/LB, Sophomore

Key Newcomers:

Keith Craig Jr., ATH, Freshman

Coach’s Season Outlook:

Coach Hosey, a Prosser alum (‘04), believes this ‘23 team has limitless potential after building a solid foundation with last year’s senior class. Coach Hosey is looking forward to how the offense evolves in year two while building on a stellar defense that yielded less than 12 points a game last season in hopes of not only securing a conference championship this upcoming season but also moving up to the White Division the following season! Coach Hosey genuinely believes this season of young Falcons are their biggest opposition this season… time will tell if they can live up to their potential!

In the first year of current Head Coach Jason Hosey’s regime, the Falcons were able to finish the season 6-3 overall and 4-1 in conference play, their only conference loss came at the hands of eventual champions Chicago Academy by 9 points. That loss has single-handedly motivated this year’s team throughout the off-season & summer workouts!

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